What happens when you combine a restaurant filled with ingredients, a host of prizes and a title on the line, and 75 of the most social online food critics in Seattle? One heck of a great night! Relish Burger Bistro was proud to host a Yelp Elite private event bringing in some of the most well versed restaurant diners in the city to engage in a healthy competition for who could make the ultimate burger. The event started by forming 16 teams that would enter our ingredients rooms with a lengthy list of spices, veggies, meats, buns, cheese, and condiments to choose from. The goal? Build the burger of your dreams. With no restrictions on size, number of patties, or just how beastly the burger could be, we had entries from a simple salmon burger to a “Triple Bypass” that would make even the heartiest diner think twice.

Our judges, consisting of Yelp and restaurant execs, graded each team on taste, ingredients, logo, look, & originality while contestants dined on Relish appetizers including caprese salads, chicken & waffle sliders, s’mores, and unique beer samplings from our friends at Big E Ales. Sixteen burgers later, the judges bellies were ready to burst, but we had our winner! A “12th Man” masterpiece: ground chicken burger with Gruyere cheese, arugula, tomatoes, avocado, roasted poblano peppers, garlic aioli and house Relish sauce on a Macrina Sodo bun. Our winners took home Relish & Big E prizes, plus a featured spot on our burger special of the week!  Read more about our great event from the words of the Yelpers themselves at: Yelp Burger Bash

group of people smiling for a photo in a full bar