Relish Burger Bistro kicked off its first Sounders FC trivia happy hour Friday afternoon with 25 of the most passionate MLS fans eager to test their knowledge. Fans were further delighted with a guest appearance by Sounders FC All-Star Chad Barrett whose signature bison burger graced the menu all week long as the Relish Special of the Week.  To determine the self-described Super Fan, participants were tested with a three round elimination style trivia contest with questions increasing in difficulty from the easy: “Name the 3 players selected for this year’s MLS All-Star game,” (Dempsey, Marshall, and Martins) to the stupefying: “What Sounders FC player appeared in an Adidas commercial before ever becoming a professional player?” (Cristian Roldan).

To add to the Sounders FC fun, Relish guests were greeted with complimentary Rave Green kiwi drinks and blue and green iced rice krispie treats.  Fans of all ages were encouraged to play as young boys competed against their fathers, older sisters, and 20-something Yelp Elite members (a group of the most influential and review savvy Yelp members). The crowd grew more engaged with the involvement of MC Matt Peel whose comedic timing included a large foam yellow/red card threatening those that might sneak a google search or phone a friend with a time-out or ejection from the game.  Assistant Sounders FC coach Ante Razov was in attendance as well, playing along in the trivia contest and admitting he was a bit stumped at the historical questions regarding the team, and delighted by the impressive knowledge of many of the fans.

Event winners included a young married couple who won 1st prized tickets (4) to Sunday’s coveted rivalry match along with a $100 Relish gift card, a family with two boys eager to grab 2nd place and the signed Sounders FC jersey and soccer ball along with a $50 Relish gift card, and an active member of Barra Fuerza Verde, the spirited supporter group of the Sounders FC who received a 3rd place signed Sounders FC scarf and $25 Relish gift card.  He in turn provided Barrett with his own BFV scarf.  Win or lose all guests had the opportunity to receive autographs and take photos with Barrett, many feeling elated to talk to the soccer star about the challenging season and his long career in MLS.  The Relish Burger Bistro, in conjunction with The Westin Seattle, is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Seattle Sounders FC and is elated to cheer on the team in another exciting season!

Sounders FC player posing with the staff of Relish Burger Bistro